What to do with all this food!!

During the past six plus weeks, Mike and I have visited clubs from throughout our District on our Imagine Impact Tour.   We continue to be amazed by our Rotarians in District 5180 for the service that is being performed in our own communities as well as around the world to serve those most vulnerable and in need. 
As of this moment, the Mosquito fire is burning close to home. At the same time, Ukraine is under attack on the other side of the world.  Northern California food insecurity is impacting over twenty percent of our children. The generosity of Rotarians is above and beyond expectations any time there is an emergency, a crisis, or any ongoing need.  In the next few days, our District 5180 Foundation Board will meet to assess and address monetary donations and boots on the ground relief for Mosquito fire victims. 
Across the world, Rotarians have donated over $15 million in support of the Ukrainian people who are displaced either to other parts of the world as well as those who remain in the country.
District 5180 has applied for a $25,000 Emergency Relief Grant for Ukraine.  Along with other Districts in the west, we are collaborating with the Rotary Club of Kyiv International, Ukraine, to provide shelter for some of the 800,000 IDPs (internally displaced people) who are without housing due to the rockets and shelling that are occurring. This grant is slated to provide shelter for 50,000 IDP women and children by equipping 100 shelters in twelve Ukrainian regions with beds, blankets, mattresses, pillows, tables, refrigerators, induction hobs, microwave ovens and washing machines.
On Saturday, September 17, we celebrated the good we do at our annual Rotary Foundation Dinner.  Our most generous clubs and individuals were recognized for their significant donations.  There was also the opportunity to see the enormous amount of canned and nonperishable food donated at recent Imagine Impact Tour stops.  The donated items were used as table and stage décor along with a “wall of food” photo op set.  Following the dinner, all donated food is being sent to four food banks in various locations in the District to give out to those who need it most.  
Thank you Rotarians for Serving It Up!  Because of you, we are providing the basic needs of food, water, and shelter locally and throughout the world.
Karen Cendro
District Governor, 2022-2023
Rotary District 5180