Posted by Brent Hastey on Jul 01, 2020
As I planned and prepared for assuming the role of District Governor, I couldn't have imagined what a crazy time this would be. Everything we thought we'd be doing, well, we're having to rethink, re-imagine, or drop altogether for safety's sake. But as I take the helm today, know that I am committed to working with everyone to make this a year where we focus on diversity and inclusion.
I also want to make sure that as some of us try to return to "normal," we don't leave behind those of us who are unable to attend meetings and events in person, or who don't think the risk is worth it. 
My theme is Rotary is FFF'n Amazing - because it is! It's all about Family, Friends and Foundation. You'll also notice a little racing theme blended in there, because I LOVE car racing!
So, as the year ahead races by, we'll make a point of highlighting what Rotary is really about. Please contact me if you have any suggestions for speakers or virtual training programs that could help us bring that message over the finish line! 
Let's have an FFF'n Amazing year!