KSIR Stategy - Membership
Now that you have Knowledge about your club and community, you need to develop a Strategy to that will make your attractive to prospective new members, club vibrant, relevent to it's members and an asset to the community.
The reason we are encouraging a strategy and not a plan is we have found that in may cases people create a plan with basic objectives. Often once that plan is created, it is forgotten. Whereas a strategy, is more in depth and review has strategies for what if.
Here are the basic elements that should be in your strategic plan:
  1. Review of your current situation (should be done internally and externally)
  • Strengths
  • Weakness
  • Evaluate your opportunities
  • Evaluate your threats
  1. Set a Goals
  • State Annual Goal
  • Estimate Annual Membership Loss
  • State Total New Members Needed
  1. Develop strategies to achieve your goals
  • Develop a team
  • Develop the methods
  • Create events
  • Set timelines to accomplish objectives
  • Develop tracking system
  1. Communication
    • How/When are you going to communicate the plan to Leadership
    • How/When are you going to communicate the plan to Membership
  1. Immersion
    • Assign member involvement and participation roles
    • Train members
  1. Refocus
    • Schedule review sessions with the committee
In the left column is some resources you can incorporate into building your strategic plan.
If you need help with ideas, see the videos on the Zone website:
Also, remember to add you goals to Rotary Club Central.