Club Service
Club Service
District Club Service provides support to clubs through collaborative initiatives, resources and advice.  We focus primarily on club administration, club programs, support to club secretaries and treasurers and the enhancement of our Rotary heritage.    Club Service works hand in hand with Membership Development:
Leaders in the District you might want to contact are:
Administration Chair: Barry Kalar
Awards Chair: Skip Lawrence
Chief of Staff: Maureen "Mo" McBride
Club Extension (New Clubs): Barry Kalar
Community Service Chair: Roxanne Snyder
Education Chair: Glenn Fong
Facebook/Social Media: Art Deardorff
Foundation Chair: Bob Deering
Membership Chair: Clarence Parkins
Newsletter Editor: Charley Rea
Property Chair: Jay Boatwright
Public Image Chair: Rita Gordon
Rotary at the RiverCats: Tom Cicchini
Secretary/Attendance: Maureen "Mo" McBride
Speaker Bureau: Richard Kowaleski
Tech Team Chair: Steve Lemmon
Treasurer: Conrad Davis
Tree Project Chair: Ken Wilson
Webmaster/Facebook: Art Deardorff
Youth Protection Chair: Barry Kalar
Youth Services Co-Chairs:  Colleen Lamon   Steven Lamon
Can't find what you need help with?  Contact:  Maureen "Mo" McBride or Art Deardorff