Rotary District 5180
Speakers Bureau
Chair: Richard Andrew Kowaleski
916-722-1382, or 916-721-6688.
Here are program suggestions for your upcoming meetings:
  • Vetted Speakers Click on this subpage at the left for the list of programs I have vetted, either by personally attending the presentation, or upon recommendation from a reliable source.
  • District Program Chairs On this subpage is a list of District Program Chairs who will come to your club and talk about their particular programs. If you don’t know what the program is about, that’s a good reason to contact the chair and invite him or her to your next meeting!
Thanks to all of you who have emailed me those leads for good speakers. Many have been added to our speakers bureau. However, not all of the recommended speakers have provided me a short, catchy title and mouth-watering program description, so that's the usual reason that they have not yet been added. Also, some speakers have not followed up in getting to me endorsements from Rotarians who will vouch for how wonderful their programs are. Remember, only vetted speakers get in!
Another important resource for you in finding good programs is to check online for what other clubs are doing. Their programs could work for you too. Also, the district calendar might mention a program worth looking into. And make sure that you have programs scheduled more than a couple of weeks ahead and that they are promoted. Exciting programs lead to higher meeting attendance!
If you have suggestions on how to make the Speakers Bureau better, let me know. Phone or e-mail works.
Remember to send me the info on your club's outstanding programs. That's how we can make our speakers bureau grow!