Member-Vocation Search
Looking for a Member?   Business Contact?  Rotarian Near You?

It is possible to search our district for other Rotarians.   Just click the following link.  You will be asked to log in (since this only available to Rotary members) and then you can enter the search criteria.    
For a simple search of name and or club, enter any part of the following:
Note that the search results will yield only those members who satisfy all of the search criteria entered. For example, entering First Name "Bill" and email "gmail" will yield only those members with the first name "Bill" who have a "gmail" account.  If the First Name was entered as "ill", then both "Jill" and "Bill" with "gmail" accounts would be entered.   Select a Club as well, and only members from a specific club would be returned. 
For a more complete search, click the More Options button and you can input other search fields.  For example, just entering "Account" in the Classification field will enter all members who have a classification as "Accountant," "Account Manager," and "Accounting."