In an effort to show how creative and fun our clubs can be, your District 5180 Marketing team is challenging you to create your own Lip Sync Videos and to submit them to us to be shared with the entire Rotary community!  Please note that we are not looking for professional production values or special effects!  Our District video was shot on a cell phone and edited with a $30 software package.  Our goal is to have every club participate, have fun, and celebrate what makes them special with a little music.
  • Have Your Club Create a Concept for a Lip Sync Video - Something Fun
  • Pick Any Song(s) You Want (You Do Not Have to Use 3 Little Birds!)
  • Video Your Version
  • Post it on your Website and/or your Facebook page
  • Let Marketing Chair, Bill Bowen, know that your video has been posted.
  • Videos must be submitted to Bill by 10/01/2019 to be judged.
  • Videos will be judged by Small, Medium or Large club size.
  • Winners will be announced at the October 2019 "Escape to Rotaryville" Conference in Reno