Howe Avenue Theatre at Howe Park
2201 Cottage Way
Sacramento, CA  95825
United States of America

Echoes in the Heart

A play in 2 acts.


Please join us for  “Rotary Night” on November 9th with net proceeds going to District 5180 to help combat Human Trafficking.

“Echoes in the Heart” tells the true story of a young Jewish couple and their infant daughter desperately trying to escape Nazi Germany.  Through a series of letters between them and distant cousins in the U.S., we learn of their daily fear in Berlin and their frustration in trying to come to the United States and safety. The play recounts the loss of family to the horrors of the Nazi regime and the unwillingness of the U.S. and other countries to provide refuge. It is also the story of hope for a life free of fear and of the love for those that who worked tirelessly to save them.


“Echoes in the Heart” is a previous Elly Award winner for best new play. 


For tickets or more information call 916-402-8899 or email  HERE