Oroville, CA 95940
United States of America
Weathering the Storm Through Friendships!
We entered the term as District Governor with exhilaration and promise. Our goals were lofty, and some would even call them aggressive. It is for good reason; people are counting on us! From the start, we’ve been all in, for those that we serve.
We declared that we would honor friendships in Rotary. past, present, and future. Men and women who make our organization so wonderfully special and inspiring.
In celebration, we planned two picnics. The first ....it was cancelled due to timing and lack of support. The second, proposed for next week (April 20), also cancelled for the same reasons.
Today’s (April 13) rain proved to be both ironic, and prophetic…it would have been virtually impossible to congregate in these conditions. Yet, we get to enjoy the rain and the beautiful friendships that are never rain delayed. The kind of friendships that can weather any storm.
Thank you for yours!
Enjoy the rain!
   DG Sidney