And just like that, it's spring! You can certainly tell change is in the air - both the weather, and the vibe, the pace of things seems to be picking up and more things are opening up.
I certainly hope that you're all experiencing the positive changes as more people get vaccinated and the case count continues to remain low. It's been a rough year+, but clubs are beginning to meet in person again, projects and fundraisers are being planned, and it seems like a sense of normalcy is beginning to return - or is at least in our sight.
The Festival of Learning is underway. I sure hope you're all signing up for the many offerings throughout the month. Please register today for the virtual conference May 22-23rd. It's just a couple of hours each day, but we're packing a lot of fun, great speakers and activities into those few hours! (and did we mention the goody bag?!) In preparation for the conference, the Pinewood Derby car races will be held at 10:00 a.m. on May 1st at Fairytale Town in Sacramento to see which club wins the trophy! I can't wait to see how creative you've been with your cars. 
Looking forward to engaging with many of you in all the great things we have in store in the next few months. 
Happy Spring!
-DG Brent