District 5180 Human Trafficking Project

"It doesn't happen here".  This is the most common response when someone mentions sex trafficking in our area.  But the Sacramento region is considered to be a hotbed for sex trafficking in the United States with California recording the highest volume of what many call "modern-day slavery."  With the recent approval of a significant, ground-breaking grant from The Rotary Foundation, Rotary District 5180 is stepping up to work with local agencies and governments to combat this problem through prevention efforts.

Working with clubs throughout the district, we will fund an education and a public awareness campaign with approximately $340,000 in combined grant and local funding.   The vision is to create a sustainable large-scale project in the Sacramento region to fight human trafficking.  The goal is to create a project that can be replicated globally through Rotary's over 1.2 million membership network of 35,000 clubs worldwide.
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