Are you ready to 'Serve to Change Lives’ in 2021-2022? District Governor-elect Desirée Wilson and your district’s training team are ready to serve you!
Join the fun with us at the Festival of Learning! Embrace flexibility with beverage in hand, comfy sweats on and your mind open! In place of the traditional in-person Saturday morning training, formerly known as the District Assembly, the Festival of Learning will take place over the entire month of April. From April 6 through May 1, each week of the festival will focus on various topics. And, kicking off our sessions on April 6 at 5:30 p.m. will be Vicki Puliz, incoming Rotary International Director, as our keynote speaker. 
The sessions will be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings throughout the month. Each session will be easy to attend with in-depth information in a live, interactive 45-minute timeframe. 
Desirée says, “We’re going to spotlight new Rotary initiatives, explore district and Rotary programs and resources for all members, as well as equip club leaders for their roles in the upcoming Rotary year. Plus, it will introduce us to robust, relevant content while showcasing the talent and expertise of knowledgeable Rotarians during real-time virtual break-out sessions.”
“We believe making the most of this time will accomplish our training goals,” said Festival of Learning Chair, Rob Saxe. “These goals will strengthen all those invaluable lessons in leadership we learn in Rotary, so we’ll use them even more in our clubs, our careers, other public service and at home.”
Click this link to see the full schedule of classes, and mark out the time in your schedule now. Then come back on March 22 and you'll be able to register for any of the classes you want. 
Start your Rotary year off with the Festival of Learning on your to-do list.