Is Rotary Your Secret Sauce?
A Big Mac isn’t fulfilling unless you have the secret sauce. Same for a Double Double. My own life never felt complete until I joined and became involved in Rotary. My Rotary ‘Secret Sauce’ allows me to fulfill my purpose and why. 
Rotary gives us the opportunity to imagine a world of all flavors of ‘Secret Sauce.’ Your sauce maybe spicy from our WASH project in Honduras or mild and soothing when providing needed beds, microwaves and other shelter items for those returning to bombed out homes in Ukraine. Or, maybe your ‘Secret Sauce’, made from your club’s community garden, is just flavorful beyond belief.
Imagine sharing your Rotary ‘Secret Sauce’ with hundreds of local Rotarians you have never met. Our upcoming local District Conference is your opportunity to compare and contrast your ‘Secret Sauce’ with members throughout the Greater Sacramento Region.
Join us Friday, May 5, Cinco de Mayo, for wine tasting and tacos at Miners Leap Winery in Clarksburg. The all-female Bonita Mariachis will perform their amazing music.
On Saturday, May 6, head on up to the Folsom Civic Center for a weekend of ‘Secret Sauce’ that you can only imagine! We’ll start with the Speech Contest at Folsom Rotary’s Club House. Lunch guest speaker will feature Taro Arai, the owner of Mikuni Restaurants, who will whip up his Special Sauce of community service throughout our communities. Our House of Friendship will provide you with a wide variety of sauces as you explore International and Community work we do throughout our District.
We will wrap up Saturday with our Taste of District 5180 Dinner featuring Keynote Speaker, Heidi Kuhn, CEO, Roots For Peace, a sustainable community garden program in L.A.
We return Sunday, May 7, for brunch, our memorial services, presentation of the final Club awards, Rookie and Rotarian of the Year!
If you want more of an international flavored ‘Secret Sauce,’ make your reservations now to join over 20,000 Rotarians from around the world at this year’s Rotary International Convention in Melbourne, Australia from May 26 to 31.
Serve it Up!
Karen Cendro
District 5180 Governor