Many of you may have received stimulus checks from the federal government, and there may very well be another one coming your way in the weeks ahead. One of our Rotary families has very generously decided to give their stimulus check to the Rotary Foundation. Kathy and Dave Clemens tell us that they would, of course, love to spend that money on home improvements or maybe even a vacation someday, but they've decided to share it with others and thought that donating it to the Rotary Foundation would be a way to ensure it could be magnified into doing the most good. 
"We would like to ask others in our D5180’s Rotary clubs to consider giving any portion, large or small, as they feel comfortable to the Rotary Foundation as well," the Clemens wrote in a letter to district leadership. "We intend to give a portion to help eradicate polio world-wide and the remainder to help with WASH (Water and Sanitation Hygiene) in countries that struggle to find/have the same pure water that we take for granted in our country. Please consider giving to TRF in whatever manner is appropriate and comfortable for you."