It seems fitting that this month would be Disease Prevention and Treatment Month. Rotary determined these themes for each month quite a while ago, but here we are in December, in our 10th month of this pandemic, hoping for disease prevention and treatment. We have the very real possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine being approved by the Food and Drug Administration as soon as next week. So there is light at the end of this tunnel.  
As Rotarians, we know the value of vaccinations, being such a key player in the Polio eradication efforts. Below you'll read more about our district's incredible recent success on that front. 
While we face the likelihood of additional lock-downs in the coming days because our hospital capacity is so low, and we are nearing another traditional holiday time, where we will likely not be able to celebrate as we would under normal circumstances, I am optimistic that there is light at the end of this tunnel. 
As you'll see below, many of our clubs are not letting COVID keep them from being a shining light for their communities. The spirit of giving is very much alive this year! You're all doing a wonderful job of spreading Rotary's values to people in need. This picture is from one of my favorite holiday festivities - ringing the bell for the Salvation Army.   
I also have some sad news to share. Marilee Monagan, the president of Foothill Highlands Rotary lost a courageous battle with cancer yesterday. She was a real warrior. I'll always remember when she showed up at PETS just hours after finishing a cancer treatment. She was determined to win. Additionally, I learned of the passing of Elise Fong. Elise was an incredible life force and loving wife, mother and friend to many of us. The several miles-long drive-by parade in celebration of her life is one none of us will soon forget, and I am sure it brought her and her family great joy as she neared the end of her difficult battle with cancer - yet another disease for which we are still desperately in need of cures and treatments.
I do hope that you all stay safe and healthy during this very serious surge in the pandemic. And I hope that you're all able to make the most of the holiday season. It will certainly be one we'll not soon forget. 
Happy Holidays to you and yours! 
DG Brent