KSIR Refocus - Membership
We all know that no plan is prefect, they always need some adjustments. 
How successful you plan is, comes from how well you use it and then how quickly to adjust it as you gather new data.
Here are a couple of things you can to do to get the most out of your plan:
  1. In your plan, set specific review dates and on those dates review if you following the plan and what have been it's successes or challenges. Make changes basic on new data.
  2. Review the immediately after key events. If you have membership social, if successful, consider having more. If not, should you try another one with different action steps?
  3. Adjust your plan/goals: If you hit your goal early in the year, how are you going to maintain the momentum? If you are short at a review point, how are you increase activity to still achieve your goal?
Remember if you strategic plan was developed using good data, you still need to work and adjust it throughout the year. If you do this, you will have a successful year.