KSIR Immersion - Membership
In the KSIR program, we believe the club should be immersed into the program, in other words there should be complete involvement. 
Now complete involvment, does not mean that everyone has to bring in a new member. Let's me honest, not everyone has that talent nor desire to do that. On the other hand, they can still help in one of the following ways.
  1. Be on the membership committee, you will need help in the following areas:
    • Research and planning
    • Community relations 
    • Collect data
    • Host for guests
    • Sales - review features of the club, benefits of being a member, investment, and ask to prospective members become a member
  2. Mentors - help the new members understand the club and also help them find their passion.
  3. Committee Chairs - help find the new member find opportunities they enjoy so they can get a return on their investment of time and money.
  4. Leadership - members should encourage the new members as they test and develop their leadership skills.
The best way to get the Immersion by the club is to share your Strategic Plan with them. Help them understand it and let them particiapte in it's creation and when you Refocus the plan.
Here is a New Orientation Video