Vetted Speakers
"Lighting for Literacy" Passport member Jim Quinney talks about the program developed through the Rotary Club of Los Gatos to improve literacy in developing countries by providing solar kits for lighting. This hands-on STEM project is currently being conducted at two schools in South Placer County. A great Rotary project! Contact Jim at 916-257-1635 or
"Theodore Roosevelt, our Twenty-sixth President David Rader presents the intriguing story of Teddy Roosevelt (TR): conservationist, soldier, statesman, scholar, Nobel Prize winner, and Medal of Honor recipient. TR epitomizes what it means to be a great leader. David has spoken to over 100 Rotary clubs and is a retired instructor from Gonzaga University. Contact him at 805-451-4679 or
"Rise Against Hunger" Passport Club member Jim Quinney talks about global food insecurity, and achieving the UN goal to eliminate this problem by 2030, including efforts via the wonderful meal-packing event already conducted by several local Rotary clubs. Contact Jim at 916-257-1635 or
"Website, Clubrunner and Social Media" District Webmaster Art Deardorff explains the importance and features of effective websites and how ClubRunner may be used to assist the club in attracting and retaining members. The use of facebook is explained and how it will attract members and donors to the club. Contact Art at 916-223-1333 or 916-408-8700 (home) or  
"Urban Farming" Mary Kimball from the Center for Land-Based Learning explains how her organization is working to train the next generation of farmers.  In addition, she describes local farms such as that created at the West Sacramento Urban Farm.  Contact Mary at or 530-595-1520.
"Our Jury System -- How it REALLY Works!" Retired Superior Court Judge Brian Van Camp reveals some surprising history and insightful observations about the workings of our jury system and the powers and rights of juries. Contact Rotarian Judge Brian Van Camp via
"Wine Smarts -- Did You Know?" PDG Brian Moore's sequel to his very popular talk about wine. Learn about the wine interests of our forefathers, wine myths, health benefits of wine, the cork versus screw cap controversy, and much more. Contact Brian via 916 718-8185 or
“My Kids, Your Kids, Our Kids” Philip Darke, author and podcast host, explains how every Rotarian can help orphaned and at-risk children, locally and globally, by mentoring, anti-trafficking work, adoption, and much more. Contact Philip at or 916-705-9357.
"Iron Lung to Iron Butt" Rotarian Bob Mutchler vividly recounts his life-long odyssey of living with the results of polio, including traveling more than 1.2 million miles on motorcycles to raise public awareness of Polio Plus. A riveting presentation! Contact Bob via
"Membership & The Four-Way Test" Rotarian Ray Ward discusses why it is important to share your Rotary club with other community members, how to treat new members, and an easy way to share Rotary without feeling like a sales person. Contact Ray at 916-677-2130 ext. 101 or
"Canine Companions for Independence"  Mark Steffens has been raising labrador puppies for Canine Companions for nearly 20 years. He brings a service dog-in-training to your meeting and demonstrates his training techniques and examples of how service dogs can assist disabled persons to live a fuller, more useful life.  Contact Mark at or 916-214-8650.
"Developing Students into Ethical Leaders" See how one club developed a leadership and ethics conference for high school student leaders. Students and Rotarians said "Wow! I did not know it would be like this. Can I come again next year?" Contact Point West Rotarians Tania Fowler, or Desiree Wilson
“Light the World Campaign” Learn about the passionate effort to replace harmful kerosene lanterns with solar lanterns in as many villages as possible in third-world nations. An amazing story! Contact Dr. Daniel Kwame Acquaah at, 916-296-5906, or 916-895-4307.
"Oak Tree of Life: Character, Courage, Commitment" Tony Asaro, formerly with the Sacramento River Cats, shares his views on making a life to be proud of. Inspirational! Contact Tony via, or 916-214-9405.
"65 Degrees South Latitude" Rotarian Ray Riehle vividly recounts his trip of a lifetime to Antarctica. Cruising from the southern tip of South America down the Antarctic Peninsula Ray saw sights that brought “The March of the Penguins” to life. Now you can view the natural wonders of the coldest, driest, and highest continent in comfort at your Rotary meeting. His photos are absolutely stunning! Contact Ray at
"The Courageous Entrepreneur" Everyone can be courageous and entrepreneurial. Eric Anderton, a business coach and speaker with over 20 years experience, shatters myths about what it means to be an entrepreneur, inspiring his audiences to be courageous, confront fear, and live to achieve their higher purpose. Contact Eric at 916-274-1469 or 

"Courts in A Free Society" Judge Brian Van Camp traces the right to a jury trial from the Greeks to King John to the present and shows how the absence of this right allows repressive regimes around the world to flourish today. A fascinating story well told! Contact the judge at 916-425-1469, or 

"Starting A Rotary Club in the African Bush" Carol Van Bruggen relates her amazing adventure in the remote Zambian bush, changing lives in the community of tribal villages. Contact Carol at 916-769-3643.

"Rotary Youth Exchange" Hear from the youths themselves what is was like to be in a foreign country for a year. Very revealing! Contact Brian Daniel at 916-989-9037.

"Life Champion" Coach Viliami Tuivai tells how to achieve championship results in life. His record in NCAA football: 125 wins, 8 "lessons," including in eight seasons in Division 1: Seven conference championships, eight bowl game appearances, four bowl game championships, including two BCS championships. He knows how to win in football and in life! Book Coach V at

"Fundraising 101" Rotarian Dr. Bill Wittich shows how to see fundraising not as a dreaded task but a simple process that brings dollars into your club. Contact Bill at or 916-601-2485.

"Peace Through Service" Rotarian Nancy Milton presents RI Past President Tanaka's philosophy re Rotary Peace Forums, then suggests club activities to incorporate peace into Rotary service. Contact Nancy at
"History of Rotary" PDG Clarence Parkins goes back to Rotary's inception by Paul Harris in 1905 and traces Rotary's significant milestones right up to the present. This is must presentation for every club every year! Contact Clarence at or 916-208-3909.

"The Wit & Wisdom of Abe Lincoln" Dramatic speaker Arnold Kunst brings Abe back to life! Arnold weaves both the familiar and the less well known Abe anecdotes into an informative and very entertaining presentation. Contact Arnold at 916-213-7463.

"Getting and Keeping Great People!" Rotarian Dr. Bill Wittich shows you how to start a new membership recruiting program or enhance the success of an existing one. Contact Bill at or 916-601-2485.

"Never a Victim" Linda Reid, a diminutive dynamo, demonstrates how to ward off attackers. Learn how you can defend yourself against even much larger and stronger opponents. Contact Linda at 916-952-2681.

"Celebrate Differences" The real measure of a Rotary club's membership success is how effective it is in recruiting younger members. Learn the secrets of connecting with today's younger generation. Contact Rotarian Dr. Bill Wittich at or 916-601-2485.

"Playmakers" Former NFLer Greg Roeszler gives an inspirational presentation on how NFL veterans are mentoring boys without dads. Contact Coach Roz at 916-220-1284.
"Travel Like a Pro" Learn the 38 secrets that a professional traveler uses to survive the stress of life on the road. Rotarian Dr. Bill Wittich and his wife Ann have lived on the road for over 250 days a year. (He is a professional speaker.) Contact Bill at or 916-601-2485.
“Wine Smarts” Test your knowledge regarding wines, wine accessories and wine etiquette. PDG Brian Moore, a California State Certified Wine judge, shares a multitude of little known wine facts. How much do you know??? What is true and which are myths??? Contact Brian at 916 718-8185 or email him at
A Discovery/Invention that Changed the World” Rotarian Bruce Hester shares the story of a scientific discovery that helped establish the Renaissance, mass communication, astronomy, modern medicine, and the modern high-tech age. You will be entertained and amazed by the tale! Contact Bruce via or 916-531- 8071.
"Shelter Box USA" I saw this presentation in Orangevale and both old and new Rotarians were very impressed with how Rotary is involved in helping disaster victims. Email Rotarian Bill Tobin at
"Who's Your Great Granddaddy?" Important -- The 1940 census has been recently released to the public. These records are a great resource for researching your family tree. So, invite as your next program speaker Ed Lucky, director of the Sacramento Regional Family History Center . I have seen Ed's presentation, and he is a master story teller who will enthrall you with his PowerPoint story of how he and his wife researched their family history, including cemetery trips to England, Scotland, and a trek through the Louisiana swamps. Ed then explains how YOU can research YOUR family history with the help of the Sacramento Regional Family History Center. A fascinating presentation! Contact Ed at 916-844-4180.
"Strange Human Behavior" Ever wonder why humans make decisions that seem illogical, even counter-productive? Rotarian Richard Kowaleski teaches critical thinking at Sac State for their Renaissance Society and explains in an entertaining manner the curious ways humans buy their stuff, vote, and even choose a romantic partner. And you get to participate. After this presentation you will never think the same way again! Contact Richard at 916-722-1382, 916-721-6688, or
"Battling Medicare Fraud" I've seen Rotarian Steve Lack's presentation, and he tells stories of Medicare fraud that knock your socks off! Contact Steve at 925-938-4864 or
"Bag of Life: Nutrition for Everyone" Rotarian Gopal Kapur has updated his presentation on nutrition, the BagOfLife program, which has been developed under the guidance of Sutter Health, Roseville, and currently consists of four nutritious and easy to prepare packaged meals that are offered free to low-income families. To prepare any of the meals, simply add water and cook!  Contact Gopal at 916-221-9981.         
"Those Were the Days" is a fascinating look at some famous people who were part of Sacramento's colorful history. Hear Bill Pettite, local historian, author, and public speaker tell stories about Jean Harlow, Joe DiMaggio, Wyatt Earp, Max and Buddy Bear, and the Folsom Prison warden murdered by the inmates. Contact Bill at 916-967-4500.
"Rotary and Social MediaRotarian Ray Ward explains why social media are helpful personally, in business, and for Rotary. It's time to keep up with your internet-savvy kids and grandkids! Contact Ray at

"Seeing Is NOT Believing!" Professional magician and Rotarian Richard Kowaleski shows how easily we can be fooled in life, including by classic scams and bogus claims. Contact Richard at, 916-722-1382, or 916-721-6688.
"Seven Secrets to a Professional Presentation" Dr. Bill Wittich reveals the secrets to giving foolproof presentations that focus on what your audience really wants. Contact Rotarian Bill at or 916-601-2485.
"My Rotary Foundation Journey" PDG Steve Lemmon presents his view of the foundation's programs through the eyes of a Rotarian as he discovers them and what they mean to individuals. Contact Steve at

"Ballroom Dance Demonstration" A very fun program! Rotarian Richard Kowaleski shows how easy it is. He teaches ballroom dancing at Sac State for their Renaissance Society and dance hosts at The Ballroom of Sacramento. Contact Richard at, 916-722-1382, or 916-721-6688.
"Future Breath" Rotarian Rod Malloy discusses new technologies impacting Capitol Region air quality and the effects of e-cigarettes, tobacco, and marijuana products in our younger generations. Also learn about lung health solutions for seniors battling Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and children struggling with asthma. Contact Rod at 916-513-2411 or